What is a Yurt?
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Light Feet Yurts
All the wood materials I use to construct yurts is "green" lumber milled from salvage logs. By purchasing
from us you are helping to protect the environment by reducing the demand for clear cut forest products.
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I am a one man business and I make every Yurt myself. There is no large factory and no
employees. Each Yurt is hand crafted with lumber I mill from
Salvage Logs and designed
specifically to be the most cost effective, economical, inexpensive and Eco Friendly Yurts
available. You will not find other opportunities for building yurts like I am able to offer. Weather
you plan to use them for living, storage or camping Light Feet Yurts are the ultimate eco
friendly yurt for
16 foot is the most common size yurt used as a home or deweling for many
centuries by nomadic family's in the region of Mongolia. This is the size that
proves to be the most cost effective and easiest to manufacture and utilize
as a mobile home. Set up and break down in just one hour.
All wood is milled from salvage logs and then hand crafted with as many
recycled eco friendly materials as possible.
Light Feet Yurts has a new website that is under construction. Please visit and
participate in building this new community at
A Yurt or Ger is the original portable living structure.
Light Feet Yurts represent the best of todays alternatives to traditional housing.  
The ultimate eco friendly yurt
The Ultimate Eco Friendly Yurt for Everyone.
    Please Note:
    Place your order today for the earliest delivery time. Limited yurts will be available, act
    now to reserve your yurt.
Need more information? Contact us to receive more photos and construction details.
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