Trout Paws
Hi, It's Me
Our little home in the pines is a great place to make treats and
then taste them. Once I approve of the treats Mom will share
some with family and friend to see if they like then too. Mom is
a great cook and she knows what I like.
Mom decided to start selling my treats when all our family and
friends enjoyed the treats as much as I do. This way I get my
treats and all of you can enjoy my Mom's Tail Wagging Treats
too. Please give us a try.
All of my treats are made at home by Mom. She puts nothing
but good all natural dog friendly ingredients into them. They
come out tasting so good, mom has to limit me to three a day.
If she goes away for a little while she will give me two extra
treats and that will tie me over till she get’s home.
Mom reads up on all the stuff that is good for dogs and things
that are not. Mom also knows that every dog is different. So
read the product summery carefully before ordering.
Home Made Tail Wagging Dog Treats From The Pines
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It's 2009, I'm 15 years young and
feeling every bit of those happy
memory filled years. Those trips to
town, runs on the beach, hikes in
the mountains.
WOW what a great life so far.
Thanks Mom
Just wanted to say Hi, to all my family and friends and to
thank every one who has supported our Trout Paws Dog
bones business. There are always new trial bones Mom
likes to make, but unless they pass my Tail Wagging Test
they will not be for sale.
I think Mom has settled on 4 different type that keep being
my favorite ones. The fifth one is a treat more for when I tell
my family and friends how much I love them. Its always
nicer to have fresh minty breath instead of dog breath,
unless you are a puppy.
Thanks again for your support. We hope our third year in
business is a successful one. Enjoy I know I will.