I have two types of pricing, Hourly and by the Board Foot.

 Board Foot
    In most cases the board foot price will apply. Currently the price is
    $450.00 per one thousand board feet (.45 cents per board foot)
    when cutting one and two inch thick lumber. This price applies
    when your logs are prepared and neatly stacked or lined up ready
    for me to pull in, set up and get right to work. For larger stock and
    beams the rate may be less if you provide helpers for off bearing
    and stacking. If I am responsible for moving and stacking large
    material there may be an additional cost and the need for helpers
    or support equipment.

    $85. per hour  will apply when cutting Oak, Walnut, other
    hardwoods or when cutting to grade. It will also apply if your logs
    are spread out and need to be moved (skidded) to the mill site.

    Set Up and Moving
    There is no fee for the initial set up when the board foot pricing
    applies. However, if the mill needs to be moved after the initial
    setup there will be a relocation fee of $75.00 for each move.  

    Since each job is different, I like to visit the mill site prior to
    mobilization so that I can look at your logs and set up area with
    you. We can also make arrangements for dealing with the cut
    lumber as well as the "Lizard Backs" (waste). After seeing the logs
    and the site I can give you an estimated quantity and can quote a
    firm price to you for the specific size lumber you desire.

    Please Note:
    When traveling distance is greater than 30 miles, special pricing or
    minimum board foot quantities may apply.

    I provide all blades at my own expense. The only exception is when
    they are damaged by foreign objects such as nails, rocks, bullets,
    spikes, bolts and metal. If any blade is damaged the cost is $25.
    per blade. If the logs are full of dirt, rocks or mud there may be an
    additional blade charge at the end of the milling project if the total
    amount of blades used exceeds what is normal (one blade per 700
    bdft). It is best to check urban logs with a metal detector before
    milling. In most cases I will provide this service at no charge.

    Stacking, Stickers and Tailings
    I can provide stickers milled from your wood or supply them pre
    bundled at  .25 cents each. In most cases I will stack the lumber as
    long as it is no larger than 1X12 or 2X6, it is no longer than 16 feet
    and the stacking area is within 15 feet of the mill. Tailings or "Lizard
    Backs" are the slabs or drop off material not made into lumber. I
    will also stack this off to the side as long as it is within ten feet of
    the operator side of the mill. When the lumber is larger or the
    stacks are farther away then another person is needed (and/or the
    fees may be higher).


    Small Logs
    If the majority of your logs are under 14 inches diameter at the
    small end and/or all 8 foot or shorter in length the board foot price
    may increase due to the additional time and labor it takes to handle
    and proses small and short logs.

    Unprepared Logs
    If your logs need to be moved, cut to length or limbed the amount
    of time I spend preparing or positioning them may add to the
    overall cost.

    Cutting your cost
    If you want to keep your cost down, prepare for a smooth
    processing operation of your logs.  I may give a discount if you
    provide support equipment or help off bearing and stacking. This
    can include a reduction in the overall board foot price.
    Contact Me for more details.
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    Please Note; As previously posted I have planed a price increase due to
    the rising cost of fuel, blades and all transportation related expenses.
    The recent drop in fuel cost has prompted me to hold off with this
    increase. I have been taking several measures to keep overhead down
    and will continue to offer all original pricing as in the past.