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Book Matched Black Walnut Burl
Set of Eighteen +
This is some high quality burl with heavy pin knots and extra dark
color with curly and lite Fiddle Back figure patterns. All 18 pieces
are dry and need only to acclimate to your shop before use. The
largest pieces measure 26 inches at the long point, 16 inches at
it's widest and a fat seven sixteenths inch thick (nearly 1/2").
There is well over 20 square feet of heavy burl figure. The larger
pieces are over 24" long and 12" wide with solid burl figure.
Excellent material for book matched projects, table tops, cabinets,
drawer fronts, inlays and jewelry boxes.

Consecutive Cuttings - With this order you will receive 18
consecutive cuttings of veneer. In other words the veneers are
shipped in the order in which they were sliced from the log or burl
which will allow you to easily book match, quad match, or
"sunburst" them.
Photographs: In a lot of 18 sheets from the same flitch, the
top veneer may show a bark patch and the bottom veneer
may be flawless. Each burl has its own unique bark,
sapwood, cracks and inclusions. When taking photographs I
always try to include all sides of the flitch cuts and capture
any and all defects such as checks and voids. This insures
that you will receive the veneer in the condition as shown.
When photographing the veneers I do not use alcohol, water,
or any other means of enhancing the grain or figure unless
clearly noted.
This set is for sale on a first come first serve
basis. You may
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$249.00 includes shipping to the lower 48
states, rates may change without notice.
($199.00 F.O.B.)
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These smaller medallion size burl caps are not
counted in the 18 pieces but will be included in the
sale price. There is beautiful figure in every cut.
Excellent burl patterns and color that comes only
from Claro Walnut. This is consistent  throughout
the entire lot.
You can clearly see the color change at graft line where the Black Walnut
burl changes to the English Walnut trunk
Please Note: It is possible that pictures of some species will
appear different on your computer screen or printer than what
the veneer actually looks like. No two computers monitors will
show colors identically. Some are brighter, some have more
contrast, and may be difficult to reproduce the same results. I
try to photograph all veneers as close to the original color as
possible. Additionally, walnut burl veneers are typically darker
than what is shown in the pictures.
Please note that this lot of 18 + is cut from an irregular block and has some
natural edges on a few pieces. There is some checking along the outside
edges and small voids or inclusions here and there.
To the lower 48
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs